N2 - 02 Generator

Nitrogen gas is used to preserve the quality of food, and to prevent oxidization or explosion in the electronic and chemical fields, and is typically supplied in the form of gas cylinders or as liquid nitrogen. To respond to market needs to obtain nitrogen gas easily and at low cost, Hitachi developed the series of new nitrogen gas generators equipped with long-life, oil-free scroll compressors.

INMATEC is an international market leader in the production of nitrogen generators and oxygen generators. Developed and produced in Germany, our systems are used all around the world. INMATEC stands for innovative technology from over 25 years of research and development “Made in Germany”!

Our backgrounds are in air and gas purification and our experience in this field spans a wide range of industries. We combine this knowledge and experience to ensure our products and services are designed and provided to meet the objectives and expectations of you - our customer.